StarCrafts MOD now live!

Indiegogo Information

Carbot Animations has been creating StarCrafts episodes for almost 3 years now! We love the Starcraft community and have been very lucky to have received such positive responses from our cartoons for the past 3 years! You guys are awesome! And so, after many requests and comments and begging, we are finally taking the cartoon style animation and reskinning it into the Starcraft 2 game!

Everything from a tree to a battlecruiser, buildings, landscapes, doodads (props), ect, everything! The mod will be custom game in the arcade, with a series of different maps to play against and with your friends. It is not accessible as a skin on the Starcraft 2 ladder, but maybe one day this dream could come true (BLIZZARD PLZ). The Starcrafts Mod will be accessible in the Starcrafts arcade for free!

It is Accessible In the Starcraft Arcade for free to ANYONE. You do NOT need to buy the Starcraft game to play! 

What We Want To Give To The Community With The StarCrafts Mod

We want to give the community of Starcraft new life. We want to see more laughs and giggles. We would love to see new players discover the game. We would love to see casual players get back into the game! We know Starcraft is a stressful game! This mod will give a little less grey hairs in your life and a little more laughs.

We are making the game different and fun through new features. One example of a new fun feature would be

  • THROWING CHEESEYES. By using the ability button “throw cheese” that all units will have the first 5 minutes of the game. Now you can literally Cheese people. And laugh even harder. Or a feature called
  • FLAG OF TRIUMPH Each time a new expansion is built you will gain a CarBot Flag of triumph, and it will rise with a trumpet of triumph!

These are just 2 of the features we have planned for you! And will continue to incorporate these features from taking ideas from the Starcrafts show!

So far the StarCrafts show has been extremely successful and we thank all of you for watching.  We hope to get you more involved in StarCrafts by not just passively watching the characters but now actively controlling them!

How Many People Are On Our Team?

The team consist of 6 people: 2 Animators, 3 Developers & 1 Project Manager.
3 team members are full-time and 3 are part-time. The $70,000 will be used to fund the project for the 6 Team members to work over the course of the next year to complete the Mod. And to say the least, we are more than excited to make this!

Is Blizzard Funding you?

We are just like any other community Starcraft crowd funding campaign. It is up to us the community, if this project will live or die! So let us all band together and help us prevail!