How We Started

Carbot Animations was founded in October of 2012 with the very first StarCrafts episode published. Founder Jonathan Burton was in his second year of university at the time. Majoring in animation and playing Starcraft 2 at an addictive rate, he started to channel his creative humour into a starcraft animated series. With the loving support of his wife Justine, Jonathan spend much of his time animating away in their small basement apartment.

Not too much longer after the first couple of episodes of StarCrafts released blizzard contacted Jonathan and discussed the future of Carbot Animations. Partnering with Blizzard allowed jonathan to grow the company even further by employing a couple workers such as animators, programmers and media developers. In addition Jonathan was able to start new series such as the WoWcraft and HeroStorm.

Although partnering with Blizzard has helped Carbot Animation grow, the people that have helped it grow the most are the Patrons and the Viewers. These supports have been there from the beginning and continue to support Carbot Animations.

Thank You